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:: name :: jordan.
:: location :: tennessee.
:: age :: 13.
:: top 10 bands :: green day, brand new, my chemical romance, matchbox twenty, sugarcult, something corporate, my chemical romance, train, the ataris, mae.
:: top 5 most hated bands :: these aren`t really BANDS...)lil jon, chingy, ludacris, hilary duff, shania twain.
:: top 5 movies :: the nightmare before christmas, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, save the last dance, i am sam, saw.
:: top 5 books :: harry pottr & the prisoner of azkaban, harry potter & the order of phoenix, the lovely bones, a child called 'it', to kill a mockingbird.
:: something interesting about you :: i`m learning to play guitar & love it.
:: finish this sentence 'I wish I had an ipod.' ::
Your thoughts
::Thoughts on Abortion:: i would never do it, but i think it`s up to the mother. she deserves a right to choose. if the mother or child was going to die during birth, then i think that they should be able to decide if they want an abortion or not. but it is not there for stupid teen-age girls who get drunk and pregnant.
::Gay Marriages:: it`s wrong that our country thinks they can dictate who people should love. they have a right to chose who they want to spend their lives with.
::labels:: they suck. you can`t judge a book by it`s cover and you can`t judge a person by the clothes they wear or where they shop. screw labels.
::Thoughts on the whole "emo" thing:: i personally, like it. not the label, but all the music and stuff. the music is my favorite. but as long as you aren`t depressed ALLLLL the time, you`re cool with me.
::thoughts on the whole "punk" thing:: i think the label is dumb, but the attitude is good. so is the music. good good music.
::Racism, Sexism, homophobia:: bad. bad. bad. there is no reason for any of those things. everyone is a person with feelings and deserves the respect of being treated like a human.
::Current Issues in the World:: well, nothing huge is going on big at the moment, but, gas prices are ridiculous. (that`s all i could come up with.)
::song that best describes you (or describes you well):: mad season, matchbox twenty.
:: at least one picture of yourself ::

Image hosted by Photobucket.comi`m in the middle. sorry it`s so big....

:: one community where you promoted a_bad_emo_song (will be checked):: http://www.livejournal.com/community/xo_i_love_u_ox/

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