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:: name :: Michelle
:: location :: Berkeley, California
:: age :: 15
:: top 10 bands :: Cursive, Pedro the Lion, The Shins, Hot Hot Heat, Bright Eyes, Blue Eyed Son, Armor for Sleep, Postal Service, Weezer, The Who
:: top 5 most hated bands :: Good Charlotte, Bowling for Soup, Linkin Park, I can't think of any others.. I tend to be pretty open about music.
:: top 5 movies :: Almost Famous, Garden State, White Oleander, Breakfast Club, Wayne's World
:: top 5 books :: Anna Karenina, The Picture of Dorian Grey, Of Mice and Men, Microserfs, The Portable Dorothy Parker
:: something interesting about you :: I worry too much. I'm an extremely anxious person.
:: finish this sentence 'I wish I had a _______' :: lemur as a pet.
Your thoughts
::Thoughts on Abortion:: I don't believe a zygote is a person. In other words, I'm pro-choice. I think it has to be a really hard thing for someone to do though, and I mean, if they're that desperate.. They'd try their best for a miscarriage or get an abortion unsafely, so I think we should offer a better option than that. And in some cases, like rape.. it just seems awful to force someone to have that baby.
::Gay Marriages:: are just like heterosexual marriages. I'm all for gay marriage, I don't see what's so terrible about it.
::labels:: I don't even know what label I'd fall into. I think they kind of suck, because they seperate people for no real reason, simply because they have different hobbies.
::Thoughts on the whole "emo" thing:: I like emo, and there's definately a mood when it's the right thing to listen to.
::thoughts on the whole "punk" thing:: There's also a mood when you need to listen to punk. I don't think I really fit into the whole punk thing though. I mean, I've gone to The Gilman (it's where Greenday started out) and I just don't think I fit into all of that..
::Racism, Sexism, homophobia:: They're all just because people fear people who are different from them. Even when they're not all that different at all.
::Current Issues in the World:: I firmly believe that Korea's govn't should NOT build a whale meat factory in Ulsan. I'm also against drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, that the US Forest Service needs to stop old-growth logging, and I'm for the Climate Stewardship Act.
::song that best describes you (or describes you well)::
Dream to Make Believe -Armor for Sleep
It's funny how things work out,
The ones we need don't know we're there,
If I were sand and you were oceans,
the moon would be why your pulled to me.

I wake up and think dreams are real,
I sleep so I don't have to feel,
the truth that you can never be
the one person that won't ever forget me.

I hope that dreams come when I die,
So we can talk I won't wake up,
I'll ask how your life worked out,
I'll never know that I'm just dreaming.

I wake up and think dreams are real,
I sleep so I don't have to feel,
But you thought you could never be,
The one person that won't ever forget me,

Let me sleep some more.
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