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:: name :: anything from Jacki to osric to Sai
:: location :: rhode island
:: age :: 15
:: top 10 bands :: Thursday, Against Me!, Dashboard Confessional, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, AFI, Senses Fail, Saves The Day, The Used, Fall Out Boy. Yeah probably in that order.
:: top 5 most hated bands :: Armor for sleep, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, hoobastank, Avril Lavigne. In no order.
:: top 5 movies :: Underworld, Rent, Phantom of the Opera, King Arthur, Aladdin, the matrix.
:: top 5 books :: Fire Starter(S. King), Dhampir(hendee), Thief of Lives(Hendee), Underworld: Blood Enemy(g. cox), A Million Little Pieces(j. Frey)
:: something interesting about you :: I write? yeah. maybe.
:: finish this sentence 'I wish I had a _______' :: an english accent.
Your thoughts
::Thoughts on Abortion:: Kinda mixed. Premature death for an innocent kid. but then again, what if you were faced with the option of going onto school and perhaps college and a better life or getting a job and dropping out of school to support the kid? I'm not saying it's right. But i'm not gunna say that I'm all for it. If it were up to me I'd keep the baby.
::Gay Marriages:: Definitely. The world needs change. Love is love. it's not "love is only love if it's a member of the opposite sex."
::labels:: well it's kinda impossible to label anything, including music. I mean how can anyone label someone else? Yourself is one thing. If we wanna get technical than I'm an Emo/anarchy-punk/geek/hardcore/techno/bitch/writer who can hang out with all the bad-ass gothic kids and study with the wicked smart kids and be friends with anyone. What do you want to call me now?
::Thoughts on the whole "emo" thing:: Most people don't even know what emo is. They think it's a hairstyle or a deep depressing feeling, like committing suicide. I'd say 1 in 20 kids actually know that Emo is a genre of music, not a hair style.
::thoughts on the whole "punk" thing:: Again most people think punk is riding a skateboard and wearing chucks or vans while listening to greenday and simple plan.
::Racism, Sexism, homophobia:: against all of them in one way or another. My mom's a lesbian. My dad's a homophobe. I have black friends. I have jewish friends. I have indian friends.
::Current Issues in the World:: Why don't we just blow each other up now? That'll solve all the problems! (that was sarcasm, in case you didn't catch on. I can be quite sarcastic.)
::song that best describes you (or describes you well):: hmm. Saves The Day - "See You" or Dashboard Confessional - "The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most"
:: at least one picture of yourself ::
one of the most ghetto pictures of me.
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