Andie (andreagoth) wrote in a_bad_emo_song,

:: name ::Andrea "Andie"

:: location ::Sacramento, CA

:: age ::19

:: top 10 bands ::
1.The Ataris
2.The Used
3.Get Up Kids
4.Dashboard Confessionals
6.Something Corporate
8.For Felix
9.Saves The Day

:: top 5 most hated bands ::
1.Ashlee Simpson (not really a band but I don't like her)
2.Avril (same reason as above, plus some people seem to think i'm a big fan since i listen to punk music. she's not even punk.)
3.The hip-hop group that sang this really corny song that stereotypes emo. I don't know the name but they really suck.
4.Linkin Park
5.Good Charlotte

:: top 5 movies ::
1.The Exorcist
2.Hell Raiser
3.The Wedding Singer
4.Little Nicky

:: top 5 books ::
1.The Da Vinci Code
2.Angels and Demons
3.Midsummer Nights Dream
4.WOW:The Sundering
5.White Oleander

:: something interesting about you ::I'm left handed and I play an upside down guitar, the strings are upside down too. so i play a right handed guitar, and flipped it.(is that interesting?)

:: finish this sentence 'I wish I had a _______' ::a VW limegreen colored beetle. =)
Your thoughts

::Thoughts on Abortion::Everybody deserves to live. I'm opposed to it. Everybody should practice responsibility when it comes to sex. Thats why contraceptives where made, to prevent unwanted pregnancies. And spare the lives of innocent unborn children. As for rape victims who get pregnant, I believe that an innocent should'nt be sacrificed just so we could forget an aweful memory. And it is what it is, a memory, a bad memory. Its not the child's fault that it happend.

::Gay Marriages::I support it. I have gay friends. Marriage is not about gender or race or whatever. It is about love. If 2 people love each other and they want to get married, let them. We cannot stop love.

::labels::I don't label people. Just because they dress or act a certain way then anybody has the right to label them anything they want. Labeling a person is like telling them who they are. No one should label anyone. If they label themselves, then let them be. Thats what they want, but we should not stereotype them.

::Thoughts on the whole "emo" thing::A lot of people have stereotyped "emo" as a bunch of kids with unwashed, uncombed hair, wearing tight shirts and girl jeans, and practically gay. I have heard a lot about emo's being gay. And honestly I hate it. No one should be stereotyped as emo if they dress that certain way. I have emo friends who don't wear skin tight shirts or girl jeans. They consider themselves emo because of who they are, emotional, sensitive and passionatetly deep. Emo should not be stereotyped as a bunch of kids acting all gay. Because they're not. (As far as my experince has shown me)

::thoughts on the whole "punk" thing::Punk is a rebelion. Not a fashion. Punk music originated (as I am told by my brother) as a form of anarchy. These days, a lot of people have been dressing up "punk" and calling themselves "punk" just because they dress that way. I even got into an arguement with this girl who insisted she was punk yet she doesn't even know what anarchy means. Punk means, a young person, especially a member of a rebellious counterculture group. Punk is not a fad.

::Racism, Sexism, homophobia::I'm a female, asian, who have gay friends. I have been told "Get the hell out of my country you fucking foreigner.", "Why don't you go play house with you faggot friends!" (When I missed a goal. I play soccer), "Maybe your a dike too. Or are you just one of those fag hags?".
All these people who said these things to me are ignorant. No matter how people think Hitler was a genius he is still the worst biggest tyrant, racist, and dictator. I consider him a legend but not in a good way. He is legendary for killing millions of innocent people. A tryant like him should never rise again. And as for chauvinists who think women are better off scrubbing plates and pans, women are made for better things. A woman can do a lot of things. A woman can do things as good as a man does. Women aren't born just to be housewives. As for homosexuality. I love gay people. They are fun, and they make me laugh and feel good about myself whenever i feel ugly (they make me over, kinda corny and wussy but it helps). We are, after all, equal. Whatever race or gender, sexual orientation.

::Current Issues in the World::I honestly don't watch the news, unless if its weather.

::song that best describes you (or describes you well)::
I've Got a Bad Case of Broken Heart (The Ataris)

today I'm missing something
in this small new england town.
here's to you my best friend.
just want to say that I miss
having you around.

I'm staring at your pictures
and dreaming that I could hold your hand.
we'd walk down to the ocean
and I would write your name in the sand.

they say sometimes you need some time apart
but I've got a bad case of broken heart.
and you're the only one that's got the cure.
and I can't live another day without seeing you smile.

2000 miles between us and I guess that I'm the one to blame.
relationships and heartaches,
these two things are one and the same.

the radio plays our love song.
I smash my fist right through the dial.
here's to the broken hearted.
a generation born in denial.

they say sometimes you need some time apart
but I've got a bad case of broken heart.
and you're the only one that's got the cure.
and I can't live another day without seeing you smile.
(thats because i'm far away from my bestfriend and my boyfriend)

:: at least one picture of yourself ::

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